We move most types of trailers. We have trucks designed to pull or haul your trailer.

Type of Trailer we Ship.

FEMA Trailer

Camper Trailer


Semi Trailer

Horse Trailer

Air Brake Trailer

Concession Trailer

Ship a Toy Hauler

Equipment Trailer

Cargo Trailer

Boat on Trailer

Jet ski on Trailer

Van Trailer

Enclosed or Open Trailer

Reefer Trailer

5th Wheel RV

Gooseneck Trailer

Vintage Trailer


Uhaul Trailer

Car Trailer

5th wheel

Travel Trailer

RV Transport

Motorcycle Trailer

Pop up Camper

Utility Trailer

Teardrop Trailer

RV Trailer



5th wheel shippers

ship a flatbed is a division of Showroom Transport. Showroom Transport can move your trailer to and from anywhere in the USA. We can ship small trailers to large airbrake trailers.


Description of our services.

Showroom Transport will arrange the right truck to hook up to your trailer and tow it to your destination. We have many different types of trucks designed to pull most trailers.

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Please make sure your trailer is in condition for a tow before hiriing us to move your trailer.

Below is a check list:

Lights: Make sure all the lights work on the trailer. If the trailer does not have lights, please advise us in advance. We can use a tow light bar for transport.

Tires: Make sure the tires are in ok shape to make the trip. Having a spare tire for you trailer may save you money. In the case of a blow out, our driver can replace the tire with your spare. If there is no spare, our driver will purchase a tire. You must reimburse the driver for that. We are not out to make a profit on that.

Camper Trailer such as 5th wheel or travel trailer. Make sure all items inside the trailer are secure. We will not be responsible if dishes or other items fall down and break due to lack of being secure. So double check the interior of your trailer to make sure everything is secure.

Boat on trailer. Make sure the boat is tied down properly to the trailer. Our driver will inspect it to make sure of that also. If not, our driver will add a tie down to it.

License Plate on Trailer. It is NOT necessary for your trailer to be registered or tagged. We do have transport tags. Please let us know before we set up order though that the trailer does not have a valid license plate on it.

Tight Spaces or rough terrain. Our trucks are not heavy equipment. We can not get into a location where the ground is too soft or a steep slope. Our drivers can get into most places but if the driver feels it is too unsafe for them to precede the driver will not go.

Our History

Showroom Transport is a nationwide trailer shipping company that has been in business for about 20 years. Over the years we have advanced our equipment and knowledge of the shipping industry. Your trailer will be in great hands from the time of pick up to the time of delivery.

Our Time Frame Guarantee

We guarantee your trailer will be picked up within 7 business days from the day it is ready for pick up. If you give us at least 1 week advance notice for a particular date of pick up , more than likely we can pick up you trailer on that day or within a couple days of that day.

List of states we cover to, from or in :

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