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We ship to, from and in the below states. 

List of states we cover:

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Nationwide Boat Shipping Service

If you have a boat on a trailer, we can ship it anywhere in the USA for you.

We hook up to it.

We tow it.

We insure it up to $100K.


Transport Method:

In most cases we will hook up to your boat on trailer and tow it where it needs to go. We have many one ton dually pick up trucks as well as 3/4 ton pick up trucks to tow your boat long distance. If your boat is very small chances are we would load the whole unit on top of one of our trailers. If your boat trailer is not in shape to take a tow, then it may be possible for us to load your boat on trailer on top of our trailer.

License plate: If your trailer does not have a license plate on it , that is fine, we have our own transport tags to place on your trailer while moving your boat.

Permit Laws:

As a trucking company, we need to follow all state and federal laws when towing a boat on trailer. If your boat is over 8ft 6in wide, each state will require us to purchase a permit to drive through the state. Not only are we required to purchase a permit for each state, we are required to follow each of the states laws when moving your overwide boat. Certain states will not let us drive through the state after dark, weekends or holidays.

Time Frame:

The average distance our drivers travel is about 500 to 600 miles per day transporting a boat.


If a driver feels it is unsafe to continue driving due to bad weather such as heavy rain, or snow, ice, sleet, etc.., the driver will pull over in a safe area and wait it out.

Your preparation:

Please have your boat on trailer checked before having us come to pick up the boat. Below is a check list.

-Tires: If the trailer to your boat has flat or dry rotted tires, or gashes in them, please replace them before having us come out to move your boat. If you have a spear tire to go along with it, then great. We will use it if the tire goes bad. You will not be charged any extra for that.

-Cover: If your boat has a cover on it chances are the wind will rip apart the cover along the route and cause it to come flying off and possibly causing an accident. Not only that, the wind is very powerful --- it may cause the cover to flap against your boat causing scuff marks all over it. If you have a certified transport cover then you should be fine otherwise remove any cover before having us come to pickup and delivery your boat.

-Shrink wrap: We do not reccommend shrink wrap. It is very hard for the driver to do an inspection on the boat if it is well covered. If you do have your boat shrink wrapped make sure a well known certified shrink wrapper does the job. In some cases the shrink wrap will come apart in route due to the cross winds again causing scuff marks to your boat.

We are open 7 days a week till midnight. Please call us now with questions, or for a free truck moving quote at: 800-462-0038.


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